Have you decided a full-scale renovation or want to slightly update the situation in the apartment or private home? Surely, there is an mark on the design of the ceiling in your to-do list. Usually, it starts the finishing of any room. Maybe we should give up the standard of white rectangle over your head and invent something new, original and memorable? Sometimes we just do not have propulsion, idea, fresh approach among the traditional designs. We hope that the impressive selection of design projects with a variety of rooms with different functionality and  of the different ceiling design options will be an inspire you and will help you to come up with his unusual way of finishing.

Start with your favorite color, then zero in on this year's it-shade.


"Imagine a sunset on an August evening, with the fading light shading the sky a gorgeous gray-tinged pink — that's this color. It's restrained and refined in thisManhattan living room, and it serves as a foil to the black sofa and the patinated-bronze coffee table. This apartment is in a skyscraper that dates back to 1929, so the pink is a nod to luxury and exuberence of the Art Deco period. It also references the views of the faded redbrick buildings outside." — Jamie Drake