Ceiling Designs 2016: Full Review Of The New Trends

Have you decided a full-scale renovation or want to slightly update the situation in the apartment or private home? Surely, there is an mark on the design of the ceiling in your to-do list. Usually, it starts the finishing of any room. Maybe we should give up the standard of white rectangle over your head and invent something new, original and memorable? Sometimes we just do not have propulsion, idea, fresh approach among the traditional designs. We hope that the impressive selection of design projects with a variety of rooms with different functionality and  of the different ceiling design options will be an inspire you and will help you to come up with his unusual way of finishing.

Finishing methods. Choose the material

Ceiling tiles

You can not only create an original decoration of the ceiling with the ceiling tiles. You can also hide the flaws, irregularities and cracks of the surface. Finishing with the ceiling tiles is perfect for rooms where it is often necessary to do the cleaning: the polystyrene surface of the ceiling in the kitchen area is easy to clean, it is not afraid of the impact of chemicals cleaners.

Depending on the product to apply for the ceiling lining, various methods of ceiling care can be used. Tiles with the surface film can be washed with detergents. A product without the film is wiped dry with a sponge or use a vacuum cleaner in a dry cleaning mode. 

The advantage of ceiling tiles is not only the ability to use it on uneven surfaces with cracks and chipping, but also the probability of self-mounting, which means saving the family budget.


Suspended ceilings. The variety of designs

One of the most common and popular option for finishing the ceiling is hanging design that caught the fancy of the consumers with the ability to create original compositions, embedding of lighting and the possibility of creating a perfectly flat surface on the spot where there were faults and depressions, cracks and joints of concrete slabs.

Lowering the ceiling with the help of suspended structures allows you to create absolutely amazing compositions with integrated lighting and hanging lamps. Drywall is a very flexible material, it is easy to process, you can order the execution of suspended structures that of quite different, unusual shapes.

You can bring unusual geometry to your home decor with suspended ceilings. For example, smoothness and elegance in the design of the room is introduced with rounded shapes. A clean lines and sharp angles create a geometricity and structure that can streamline the interior and indicate the strictness of the design.

Split-level ceiling does not lose its popularity. You can not only highlight the location of room`s lighting, but also to create original visual composition with such structures.

multilevel ceiling have most harmonious look in spacious living rooms. It is possible to isolate a particular area of a family room with built-in lighting. To create a local lighting in a recreation area, in the reading zone or around the coffee table.

For rooms with an open layout, where are assembled such areas as the kitchen, dining room and living room, facing a variant using suspended structures is ideal under one roof. This finish will create a zoning through the lighting system.

You can not only hide the wires, lighting systems, but also to make a hidden fastening for cornices with multi-level ceiling structures. As a result, we achieve a feeling that the curtains suspended from the ceiling itself that visually increases the height of the room.


The wood in the decoration of the ceiling

There are many ways to integrate natural material (or its successful imitation) into finishing of the ceiling. One of the oldest and most popular options today is the ceiling beams. The ceiling surface itself in this case may be made of wood or be a combination of other materials. Depending on the style processing facilities, exposed beams can be represented as a natural variant and colored (normally white).

Ceiling beams can be provided in various geometric forms, ranging from a simple, raw small diameter logs to the correct rectangular or square cut bar. But it is important to understand that the more relief is on the coverage, the higher should be the ceiling of the apartment or house.

The ceiling in the form of white-painted beams look great in loving the minimalism modern premises. This style of always selected for the bright and spacious rooms with high ceilings.

Wooden ceiling panels create an original cover, which is just breathing with the natural warmth. Given that ceiling coverings do not require the maintenance of high technological properties of durability and strength for facing the ceiling, you can use the spectacular imitation wood finishes. This coating not only hide flaws surface but hide the wiring.

Wooden ceiling panels look particularly impressive in the interior of the living room, located in suburban homes. Typically, there is a fireplace in such areas, which creates a completely unique atmosphere of closeness to nature, relaxation and recreation together with the wooden surfaces in the decoration.

Wooden wall paneling, laid along the white ceiling sector allows not only to create an original and durable finish, but also to successfully hide all lines of communication.

You can neatly create a completely original ceiling coating with wooden slats, which can be easily integrated into the lighting system in the form of lamps, repeating the shape of the finishing items.


Papering ceiling with wallpaper

Pasting the ceiling with wallpaper, what was so popular just 15-20 years ago, is gradually receding into the past. But many homeowners still enticed with benefits of such finishes: low cost, the possibility of DIY application and ease of changing the image of the room, if you are tired of an old wallpaper.

Pasting not only the walls, but the ceiling of the room with wallpaper which has even unobtrusive print, is an infrequent design course for modern premises. Perhaps this type of decoration can look naturally in the bedroom or children’s room.


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